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Captain Falcon Punches a Vase Captain Falcon Punches a Vase

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great man, I wish I was a good voice actor like you. (I'm working my way there tho lol) I wouldn't mind using this in an animation.

Kpheeyat's Voice Acting Demo Kpheeyat's Voice Acting Demo

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I wouldn't recommend anyone uses this guys voice. He criticizes and tries to change up everything on your flashes. His motives are to just ad his voice acting and he puts no effort in his voices. If you don't believe me I have proof. I felt very disappointed with this voice actor.
Just giving a heads up.

Kpheeyat responds:

I'm sorry that constructive criticism makes you rage like a 5-year old who didn't get his candy:)
Having my work accepted, then altered, then rejected, it seems you have a lot of work to do until you actually cooperate with people =)
First however, work on proper grammar in your scripts - cause that's mostly the thing I was concerned about and suggested changing ...
I suppose we all grow up some day =D
P.S. You're such a friendly regular 0-bomber =D I've counted up to at least 5 of them from you... so cute :)